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 Collaboration on Patient's Hub keeps your team abreast of patient care events as they occur.


 Organized filing of images, files, audio & video inputs all in the patient's hub.


 Triage your notifications  and prioritize urgent messages. Unlike other messaging apps, Hubchart alerts you of priority messages and which ones can wait. 

Think outside  the box

 EMR.. structured.. "fill in the blank" notes.. data overload.


Hubchart..conversational.. interactive.. real-time work at the point of care.

We take security at Hubchart™ seriously. We take extra steps to ensure that vital information is safe & secured. 

  • Password protection

  • Smart Phone Touch and Face ID

  • Data encryption in transit and at rest

  • 3-step user identity verification

Our Clients:

Twins Quality Home Health

Botica San Jose

Omni Wound


California Villa

Independent Living

First American Hospice


  Residential Facilities

Long Beach

   Residential Facility

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Connected Care

 It's time to be involved



“Use Hubchart because it's fast to get to the doctor. It's efficient, it's great, and I love it. It's helpful for us, as nurses, that we can get right to the doctor and ask any questions that we have. We get answers back. We can take a picture of the patient and send it to them. We're able to show the doctor what just happened.”

Kathy Norris, Nurse